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Reservation Centric Housekeeping is a simple and efficient system, perfect for accommodations that want to organise their housekeeping in an easy and mobile way.

With the housekeeping app on your phone, you are always up to date on the status of each room no matter where you are located. You'll know immediately when a guest has checked out of a room, the room has been cleaned, something is broken or the arriving guest has already checked in.

With a simple messaging system, overview of checked in/checked out guests along with the duration of the guest stay, it has all the vital information you'd need for efficient housekeeping.

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Room status

Colour coded room status. Get a quick look on which rooms are clean, dirty, inspected or broken.


Departing/Arriving guests

With symbols marking checked out/checked in status of the room. You can learn more about the guests by clicking on the room.


Filter by status

Status filters can be applied in the app, giving you a quick overview of specific statuses of the rooms.


Add notes

Add notes from reception with important information about or from the guest.